Production capacity

The product letter covers silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, hemp and other pure natural fibers; and various types of regenerated cellulose fibers, chemical fibers and various types of novel functional fibers and other fiber blends, complete varieties, a wide range of counts (12- -120), the annual output can reach more than 3,200 tons 。

With advanced semi-worsted equipment. It has two production workshops, including: five large production lines, one sample production line, two sample production lines, and a white production line. It adopts sub-process, sub-area, extension desk isolation and zoning management, which can effectively prevent fly flower pollution and increase production continuity。

Quality system 

Yide Textile is one of the main drafting units of the industry standard “FZ/T71008-2008 Semi-Worsted Knitted Yarn” The high standard of quality management runs through the whole process of procurement, production, sales and service, and adopts ERP management. And a standardized production model, established a strict quality management system。

Have certification:

ISO9000 quality management

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Standard Quality Assurance System

Human rights, RTM, has passed the third-party audit

Quality Control

The institute has a laboratory and a central laboratory, and the quality supervision team。

Laboratory: responsible for quality control during production, rationality of inspection process and adaptability of equipment status。

Central Laboratory: A random inspection of the quality and performance of raw materials and finished products, and the quality control of the production process. Testing of new product development and design performance。

Quality Supervision Team: Supervision of process execution, quality and operation of production processes, supervision of sampling of raw materials and finished products, supervision of the entire production, quality and operation。